Wednesday 4th June Bristol to Manchester – Catch up with Robert Robertson and Sandra


Wednesday 4th June Bristol to Manchester –
I was up early as usual and got ready for the day. Had another bacon  breaky and  checked out. It was only a 7 minute trip to return the hire car but traffic was so congested it took 45 minutes! Then the trip to the station took another 25 minutes. Just as well we gave ourselves plenty of time. Our train leaves Bristol at 10 and we gave ourselves 2 hours from checkout to station. We arrived at the station with 25 minutes to spare.
Our train was o time and our platform was right at the entry to the station. Easy.
The trip took 3 hours and we alighted in Manchester at 1 pm. Robert was there to meet us. It was great to finally catch up with the man. Robert took us for a short walk from the station into Manchester proper where we stopped in a pub called The B Lounge for a couple of pints, as you do when you catch up with mates you haven’t seen for a while. Around 3 pm we took a taxi to Robs place about 10 minutes out of town.
We used the afternoon to do our long overdue washing and catch up with Rob. We met his partner Sandra and had a relaxing afternoon with them and Rob cooked us a great home cooked meal of roast chicken.
I think the air con on the train was a bit too cool as my throat was feeling sore and I was feeling buggered so hit the pit around 9 pm.

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